Friday, April 13, 2007

Grinner: The Note, Chicago (12.07.2006)

My homage to Peter Saville's artwork for New Order's 'Republic'. I had always loved Saville's work and in many ways the music I have listened to since I was 13 has been informed, influenced and instigated by Saville's design. Ever since I first saw the cover for 'Power, Corruption and Lies', and perhaps even 'Technique', I knew that ultimately one day I would end up as a graphic designer.

Despite a detour via the world of art history (I am still an avid historical reader), it was my love of Factory Records, Central Station Design, 4AD and Tomato which clarified that really what I wanted to do was design for the music industry. I had known Grinner for some time before designing this, and in some respects this seemed perfect for a rock band from the midwest. I had loved the 'stock photography bravado' of the cowboy featured in the artwork for 'Republic', and it always seemed to depict a sense of 'false and staged heroism' or 'fake patriotism' - to me this compliments Grinner's music well, the Marlboro man has the same thing I guess.

I heard recently that 2 'real' Marlboro men died of lung cancer. USA Today also ranked the Marlboro Man as their number one most influential person who never lived.

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