Monday, November 27, 2006

Dialogue: Gunter Murphys, Chicago (07.22.2006)

This is the first poster I designed for Chicago-based indie outfit Dialogue. I had been very taken with their music since discovering them on MySpace (where I seem to discover everything I listen to these days), having found them through the work I had been doing for Film School, then Fourth of July (now named July Fourth). What I discovered was a wealth of music I loved coming out of Chicago, and began exploring the various bands, that seemed to be playing together.

This poster marked the beginning of a great relationship with Dialogue, and the beginning of an interesting and exciting project, which has lasted through a variety of design approaches. These posters are primarily used digitally to promote their events through MySpace, which is an interesting outlet for a design approach. Designing promotional graphics for social networks is never something I had considered before, but ultimately it's something which has allowed and created an inspiring and exciting outlet for my design projects.

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